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Tinder is the exciting way to connect with new and beautiful people close in your area. Swipe right to like a profile or swipe left to ignore a profile. If someone on Tinder likes you back, it’s a match and now you can chat to meet eachother in person! Chat with a match or snap a picture of yourself to share a moment with all of your matches at once. It’s a new way to show yourself to other people and meet new lovers.

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Tinder users tell their Tinder story:

So my story with how I got to making a tinder was probably one like many others. I had just recently ended things with someone & heard about this new app from my girls. I had thought “why not?” It would be a good way to get my mind off of all that was happening during that time & I didn’t really have anything to lose. So I download Tinder, swiped left & right a few times, didn’t really think much of it til I started to get matched with more & more men. Seeing as though the guys I had found attractive thought the same of me made my self-esteem rise to the ceiling. I started to feel very good about myself & in just a short amount of time, I felt completely over my ex-fling. A couple days passed with this app, then a few weeks & I just felt bored with it. I’d go on it occasionally when I’d be bored & whatnot but never really made it a priority to actually meet these men. I lost interest for a bit until I got matched with this amazing man who I am now in a relationship with. I know Tinder has such a negative connotation to it, but I’m honestly so thankful for this app because without it, I definitely wouldn’t have met my amazing man that I simply cannot picture life without. Reading all these reviews of people just like me who met someone incredible people on here just warms my heart & I hope everyone finds just what they’re looking for.

– Kathleen –